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Bulk Containers

We supply oil in following bulk containers.


ISO Tankers


ISO Tankers are made to ISO (International  Standards Organization) standard frame size: 20' x 8' x 8'6". They are mostly used to ship solid fats as these tankers have got steam coils to liquefy and decant the product. These containers can typically carry 20T. They can be transported on rail or shipping vessel.










These tankers are used for bulk oil deliveries.


Semi Load : 25 Tonne

B- Double : 44 Tonne







Flexible bag containers (Flexi Tanks)


These are 20ft containers with a flexible bag in it, which can carry up to 20T of oil. If the product is solid fat, a heater pad is placed in the container, under the flexible bag so that customer can liquefy the fat and decant the product.


Standard bulk products:


  • RBD* Canola Oil (Liquid) 
  • RBD Tallow (Solid fat)


* Refined Bleached Deodorised