Intermediate Bulk Containers

There are two types of Intermediate Bulk Containers: Foldable Bulk Containers and Bulk Plastic Tanks.

Foldable Bulk Containers


Features of these containers include hinged folding design, sight glass front panel, a total discharge sump which lowers the discharge level below the floor of the unit for minimum wastage, an access door on the front of the unit and ISO compatible size for general purpose shipping containers.

The liner bags have three layers made from 100% virgin food contact approved materials. These can be exposed to temperatures up to 85°C.

When filling solid fat products a heater pad is inserted under the liner bag in the container so that the customer can liquify the fat and decant the product.


  • Sight glass on front panel
  • Low discharge hole and sump
  • ISO compatible size
  • Cube design
  • Light weight lid
  • Front gate access door



  • Shows user how much product is in the unit.
  • Minimise waste
  • Storage and transport space efficient (can stack 5 high with product)
  • OH&S benefits, user friendly

Products available in Foldable Bulk Containers:

  • Canola Oil 1000 litre (915kg)
  • TOPFRI (Tallow) 880 kg
  • Rice Bran Oil 1000 litre
  • Sunflower Oil 1000 litre
  • Cotton Seed Oil 1000 litre

Bulk Plastic Containers

Bulk Plastic Container

These are food grade plastic containers designed for intermediate bulk oil transport. These tanks are high pressure hot water washed and reused. This reduces the environmental impact of this product.


  • Can fill up to 1000L
  • Made of FDA approved food grade material
  • Welded tubular galvanised steel grid on outer container.
  • Designed to ISO standard suitable for loading in shipping containers.
  • 20 units can be loaded to 20ft shipping container.
  • Can stack 3 high with product.

Products available in Bulk Plastic Containers:

  • Canola Oil 1000 litre Tanks
  • Sunflower Oil Tanks 1000 litre Tanks
  • Rice Bran Oil 1000 litre Tanks
  • Cotton Seed Oil 1000 litre Tanks
  • Tallow 100% Tank (The customers need to have heater blankets to melt)
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